Seller’s Guide

What we think truly makes Chicago such a great city is the many culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods that make up it’s character. Each location has it’s own very special vibe and value to it. With 28 years of sales experience in these neighborhoods, I’ve come to know many of them very well. Let our expertise help you sell your property for the highest possible sales price with the least amount of stress. 

We’ve also covered many of the surrounding suburbs, which also have their own unique character as well. I personally have been a resident of Oak Park since 2017 and enjoy the influence that Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture has on so many homes out here. Our website details several suburbs in northwest & the Northshore where we have helped several past clients market & sell their properties very effectively. 

We bring an understanding and emphasis of what drives the value in many of these villages & cities such as its proximity to commuter train lines, expressways, highly rated schools and local recreation opportunities that fit specific lifestyles.

Why Us?

Markets are constantly in a state of change. The most common driver of this change is its reaction to the over health of our economy, interest rates and supply & demand. Helping you navigate these trends while marketing your property is critical to getting it sold.

We put care and skill into things like professionally shot photos, which we proportionally size to fit all the current popular public search engines like Zillow and, your MLS property description and your marketing brochure to list a few. We make sure that your property is shown in its very best light! We team with you right from the start. We walk you through all of your required paperwork, filling out the seller’s disclosures to even a pre- sale inspection if warranted. We are with you from the start to the closing table!